Bargain Bin Comedy

Do you want a funny comedian but don't want to spend $500-$5,000? We can help! We have comedians from $200-400.

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What’s the catch?  It’s simple.  We pick the comedian for you!  We’re not going to send you videos.

Why should I trust you to pick? Because there are 100’s of great comedians out there that either don’t keep their videos updated or don’t want us pitching them for “lower” money shows when they regularly get higher paying gigs.  The average comedian works 45 weeks a year.  That means 7 weeks they are looking to fill their calendars.  That’s how we get you a great comedian at a HUGE discount.

We bet you’ve looked on numerous websites and can’t find a comedian at your price point.  We have comedians for your budget.  Plus, we have 100’s of five star reviews on Google.

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